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BJ Specialist RATING SYSTEM for dummies:

Everything in the world is relative, even judging who gives the best blowjob. There are essential things to be considered a Bj Specialist GOAT. To be as unbiased as possible, I try to break it down with these 3 criterias from scale 1-10 points:


Also known as Blowjob Skills. And how they use the mouth, throat, tongue, and lips.

I also think that it’s a plus if that someone is a great kisser or gives rim jobs, and even tit jobs and so on. Generally, a big appetite and thirst for the S-E-X (also in a literal sense).


Also known as The Blowjob Aura, as we call it within my network.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But instead of having a BEAUTY or PERSONALITY criteria, I try to merge both together in here. Being pretty is a plus but it is not everything when blowjob performance is the priority.

So do you prefer a mediocre-looking type with mindblowing fellatio skills? Or a hot supermodel with mediocre bj performance? You decide


Also known as The Picture-Perfect Cumshot. A bj scene without the money shot is incomplete.

Have you ever received or seen a blowjob that could’ve been great. But got ruined in the end by a so-called cum dodger?

Swallowing is the key. Off course, it matters. Some can make the money shots look sexier than others whether it is facial, oral creampie or throatpies.



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